With SCAN-X we provide solutions for our customers so that they can easily scan objects and digitally process and continue to use them automatically.

The lexoro Group is a full-service provider in the markets of the future: Machine / Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP, NLG, RPA, DevOps and IoT.

Our range of services is comprehensive and our teams work with a range of companies on a great number of innovative and exciting IT projects. At the same time we help those companies develop their own products and also support start-ups in future markets. We are always at the centre of people and their connection with excellent technological competence.

With precision, stability and versatile usability in digital worlds.

In recent years, lexoro has implemented a variety of computer vision applications with practical relevance to the scanning process.

Here we have developed high-precision image solutions (ToF, 3D camera systems) as well as end-user solutions in the iOS and Android segment (dual camera).

Always in the centre of it: the easy execution of the scans with smartphones.

Our development teams have now combined this knowledge and building blocks in one platform: our SCAN-X construction kit.


For the first time, we offer companies in all industries the opportunity to make state-of-the-art computer vision technology available for their own application ideas.

  • For automating specific business processes (design, production), maximizing customer satisfaction (virtual-try-on).
  • And the development of completely new business opportunities in augmented reality or 3D printing.

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The SCAN-X solutions open up a whole new space for the use of digital power and innovation.

The application possibilities are unlimited. The following is an impulse overview to stimulate your own thinking in appropriate application contexts.

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