Ideas and application scenarios abound. Concretising these with completely new technologies close to the relevant sector – a real challenge in today’s age.

lexoro has created the “x-lab” for this challenge. An ideas think tank and prototyping factory that allows customers to concretise use-case ideas and verify these in the form of prototypes. The tech experts at lexoro use a “high-speed model” to examine feasibility, build test models and simulate functionalities with an adequate test data set or with the enrichment of external data.

Always within sight: quantifiability along defined KIP models and POC criteria. The x-labs customer receives a new update on the state of the examination every 3-5 days during a phase of “timebox sprints”. We shall also be pleased to extend these projects with the customer’s own resources so as to ensure integration in the relevant project organisation.

Modular service modules: customised configuration

The x-lab services represent modules that can be combined flexibly either individually or in combination with one another. From a simple technology test (2-5 days) to specialised POCs (2-4 weeks) to evolutionary prototyping projects (4-12 weeks) to resultant MVP programmes. We accompany all phases with dedicated top experts plus professional project and documentation management.

Overview of the x-labs modules:

  • Use case finetuning and modelling
  • POC model development
  • KPI framework model for measuring success
  • Predictive modelling with our INSCORE modules
  • Project assessment and technology recommendation
  • Make & buy recommendations
  • Data selection for tests / data enrichment
  • Data cleaning
  • Engineering individual modules for the POC
  • Performance checks
  • Developing algorithms and functions
  • Refining ML models and training