End-to-end incubation of technology ideas and innovative market models

We develop complete business models as part of our x-factory. From the drawing board to going live. This can involve original ideas or order projects from start-ups or investors; as well as holistic product and corporate developments or special modules within the entrepreneurial development plan. Our value added in these fields? A combination of technological expertise, flexibly available ramp-up capacity, a keen sense for the market, sales competency and strong networks for scalable growth, also on an international level.

Smart blueprints for bright ideas 

Markets are changing at an ever faster pace. Innovation occurs at lightning speed. It is not always the best idea that wins. But instead those anchored in the market at the right time with the right effectiveness. We respond to this state of affairs with our “smart production cycle (SPC)”.

We always develop ideas from a single source: Technology, customer, market and specialised value added. A sprint-oriented level model initially serves for technological innovation on a component basis. Developed and tested close to the market. These are connected and verified ever closer to real customer situations as maturity increasingly unfolds.

We accompany all model variants with dedicated Tech & Go-to-Market Teams. In doing so, we not only take responsibility for ensuring technical innovation and functionality, but also the complete go-to-market process on request (product management, ramp-up, sales & business development, partnership networking, fundraising, M&A process control).

Overview of x-factory phases:

  • Ideas & prototyping (2-6 months)
  • Go-to-market & product fitting (12-15 months)
  • Corporate growth (18-24 months)
  • Corporate scale (24-36 months)

The most important modules from technology, engineering, strategy, business development and sales act in a harmonious balance in all phases. The result: a finely honed technology product with clear USPs, verified customers and multiple exit or development options.

The support measures can be purchased either as modular project work or provided as part of joint entrepreneurial projects.

On request, the entire corporate project can then be integrated at the different phase points as a technology module into other organisations (IP, product, tech teams, customers) or the development of an autonomous company is supported throughout a growth and scaling phase.