Fresh ideas find fertile ground

lexoro is passionately dedicated to work on exiting projects and product ideas. In the midst of revolutionary change. New markets. New services. New value added chains. Everything is redefined. Enough space for crazy ideas that may well work.

With our venturing services, we aim to offer young founders, top developers and start-ups a space to turn their own ideas into reality. Besides content sparring and an experienced team of experts for all areas of competence, we also offer access to investors or support seed phases ourselves with our own “tech angel approach”.

We are open to all manner of ideas within the following competency fields:

  • Machine learning
  • Computer vision
  • Natural language processing
  • Blockchain

Independent of sectors. The main thing is for the idea to be a stroke of genius. Our focus here is on technological development pure and simple. We believe in smart technology modules or AI solutions that provide niche resolutions to real problems. Mainstream topics are all old hat. We are interested in ideas that complement these or shine through their specialisation.

We offer interested founders all services they need to turn their idea into reality: Capital, competence, capacity. And above all: Entrepreneurial spirit. We love to transform ideas into success.

lexoro APP (Associated Partner Program): the solution for competent start-ups

A product has already been developed? A small founder team is already in place? But widescale customer access is still lacking? Plus it is also difficult to recruit further experts? Here too we have established a solution: our partner programme lexoro APP oriented to growth and project access.

We are pleased to embed complementary technologies and competencies in our core business, providing – besides access to projects and customers – above all one thing: the certainty of growth in an important development phase between 3-20 employees.

In doing so, we participate in early-phase projects with 10-25%, helping here throughout all dimensions of corporate development (“smart leverage”).

lexoro APP partners receive diverse support in the following areas:

  • Active integration in appropriate customer projects across the group
  • Sparring to reinforce an inherent product and service portfolio
  • Marketing support (strategic, tactical, operative)
  • Sales support (direct / indirect)
  • Development of strategic partnerships
  • Recruiting support / HR
  • Managed services in the engineering field (tech resources)
  • Shared services (finance, legal, tax, IT, HR)