Analysing, editing and automatically reusing documents texts and documents

lexoro has implemented diverse natural language processing applications over the past few years. Always at the forefront: intelligent generation of texts and documents (text generation and adaption) plus information extraction from all types of source (literature, social media, websites, forums).

The engine behind it all: semiautomatic optimisation of the results supplied via integrated machine learning models.

Our development teams have now bundled this knowledge and relevant product modules into a platform. Our TEXT-X module. We offer companies in all sectors the opportunity to utilise state-of-the-art natural language processing technology specifically for their own application ideas for this first time.

  • Active Learning
    Assistance system for optimising the results based on experience and feedback from similar processes
  • Information Extraction
    Automatic extraction of information and data from texts, documents, social media and similar data sources
  • Data/Text Clustering
    Semiautomatic collection, ordering and clustering of documents and texts according to attributes such as subject, purpose, publisher, etc.
  • Automated Tasks
    Automatic handling of repetitive tasks within the document editing and processing
  • Text Generation / Adaption
    Semiautomatic and expedient processing and authoring of texts and documents via NLP (past – future, summarising)
  • Literature Review / Research
    Semiautomatic optimisation of research via algorithms and data mining, thereby enabling continuous improvement of the results
  • Text Annotation
    Automatic pre-structuring and filtration of texts in order to identify and emphasise relevant and important texts
  • Named-Entity Recognition
    Semiautomatic penetration and cluster analysis of key terms by merging and standardising these into common designations and formats
  • Transfer Learning
    Boosting efficiency through better results despite smaller data volumes

Endless opportunities for effective results

The TEXT-X solutions open up a whole new scope for effective digital utilisation and innovation.  The potential applications are unlimited. An overview of ideas is provided below to help you channel creative thinking into practical applications.


Enhancing the efficiency of various research


Useful for:

  • Market analyses/Social media analysis
  • Competition analyses
  • Literature research for various sectors
  • Classification of documents
  • Localisation of certain entities in texts
  • Information extraction
  • Smart document management

Optimisation through shorter process times

Useful for:

  • Automation of repetitive and error-prone tasks
  • Data/Text clustering
  • Duplication
  • Optimisation of selection methods from databases
  • Data preparation and integration
  • Automatic formatting of texts and objects
  • Prefiltration of texts (pre-mapping)

Generating standardised texts and documents

Useful for:

  • Automatic filling with content from structured sources
  • Automatic writing of text blocks
  • Advance writing of sections in reports
  • Reporting and dossier compilation
  • Adapting time forms in texts

We shall be pleased to offer interested companies an insight into the technical opportunities as part of a “use-case workshop” and formulate a potential TEXT-X solution tailored to individual needs.