Innovative projects with intelligence:  Interval springs past the finishing line

Digital projects change the world. The implementation of these projects changes the requirements placed on project management. Disruptive technologies are scaling up their offensives. The opportunities are sky high. The technical risks and project implications cannot always be estimated. This creates scope for uncertainty. When it comes to innovation projects all project stakeholders need to work together like never before. The technical and business end needs clear concepts, the data silos and warehouses must be understood precisely and the technological teams have to be integrated at an early stage. Without a business case there cannot be any data clarity. Without data clarity there cannot be any application solution. A consistently clear direction and cooperation are called for.

We have gathered together the experience from numerous projects in a specially tailored yet agile realisation procedure: our LEXPRO model.

At the same time, many elements of the conventional project approach are transferred into an agile sprint process where they are enriched by special elements and tools. Everyone involved in the project joins forces here to enter rapid sprint phases. Always with the option of checking immediate results and adapting the procedure as and when needed.

This allows us to keep business objectives, targeted effects and technical progress in an effective balance at all times.

Methodological excellence and intermeshing

Our teams are highly trained in the right methods – from business consulting and technical specifications through to implementing projects, products or MVPs.

We intermesh different methods of the business model canvas with design thinking, use-case design and agile methods such as SCRUM, FDD, RAD or unified process.

The true essence: maximum transparency, short implementation stages, high adaptivity plus consistent KPI and results orientation.  We shall also be pleased to train internal teams at the customer in individual methods or their integration in innovative projects.