Data form the cornerstone of smart application models. Flexing the right muscles to unleash potential

Digitalisation is transforming the value added chain of companies in all sectors. Massively increasing data complexity and availability, paired with an almost endless rise in computing capacity and processing speed opens up enticing doorways for the use of artificial intelligence and its associated technologies.

Companies should take a close look at the options for effective application as part of ongoing digital initiatives. Perfectly oriented to the relevant options and application fields. Evaluated as part of clear ROI analyses and implementation models. More than 80% of all companies have assigned a strategic priority to AI initiatives. Now is the time to utilise these with intelligent use cases, tailored to fast-acting internal areas.

lexoro’s data discovery model lets you decode opportunities

A bespoke AI discovery workshop helps us shed light on the darkness. 5 fast, thematic sprints reach the target. Always within sight: the implementation complexities and options. The discovery phase is thus embedded in lexoro’s 3-phase project model: Discover, develop and deploy.

The aim of the workshop is to give customers a profound insight into modern use cases. But it also involves primarily working on individual use cases for your own company and specifying these on request.

A modular “discovery module” also provides the option of individually defining the depth of the workshop in line with personal needs and corporate objectives.

This takes account of both existing data silos as well as specific company processes that look set to provide a high level of added value. The technological driving forces for formulating the use cases include: Predictive analytics, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and robotic process automation.

A systematic approach to finding the right use cases

Always centre stage: the data, the sector and the added value model relevant to the company. As an integral whole, everything forms the basis for effective use cases. Based on the lexoro use-case library with more than 2000 examples specific to sectors and applications, participants can quickly gain an overview of the options and best practices. This gives a sense of the state-of-affairs in the market and provides inspiration when assessing applicability at the same time.

Supplemented by knowledge of the inherent data landscapes and relevant business processes, this creates a framework model in which you now provide more concrete details in company-specific application fields.