Software Engineering

Individuality stands out more than mundane uniformity

The company’s heart beats with multifaceted software solutions. Requirements are becoming ever more complex here. Projects need to be implemented and introduced at record pace. The focus here is not only on individual developments but increasingly also extensions to existing software packages – adapted to specific departmental wishes. At the same time, new technologies and development tools also heighten complexity. Artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, blockchain, voice and imaging – enriched daily by new aspects.

We have been playing a key role in customising technological solutions for 25 years. Rooted and experienced in all traditional architecture and programming fields. Innovatively enriched with top expertise from pioneering topics of the future. Methodologically experienced with agile methods and process models.

The core focus: the best solution for the customer.

We concentrate on a wide spectrum of topics. We work on both complex enterprise applications and database solutions as well as web and mobile applications. We extend existing solutions through modules centred on AI and automation technology. Our internal teams are organised according to competence clusters and tightly intermeshed.


Skilled expertise and scalable capacities

Besides outstanding expertise and experience, effective development projects call for availability above all. The shortage of qualified experts is becoming ever more dramatic. Many projects and development assignments cannot be implemented on time, as corresponding resources are lacking. We have anticipated this issue with our own organisational model. To support our outstanding team of in-house experts, we have also built up an associated network of lexoro friends over the years. We can count on more than 70 experts in this role. Ranked among the top 5% in their field, these specialists extend our excellence and effectiveness in projects.

Besides this technical expertise, we also have our own lexoro Team in Bulgaria, this organised in tandem with our competence fields so as to boost local capacity.

This enables our competence landscape to map available skillsets and experience.

Core competence teams

  • C, C++, C#
  • Java, JavaScript
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • Ruby
  • Objective-C
  • ABAP
  • SQL, NoSQL
  • Perl
  • Fortran

Specialist expertise

  • Python, R
  • Matlab
  • Scala
  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • TensorFlow
  • Caffe, Caffe2
  • Theano
  • openCV
  • ARtoolkit
  • solidity
  • Scala
  • Power-Shell

Full spectrum of skills – flexible, agile and available

Our development expertise is available in various models – these always focusing on: demanding projects, disciplines and component developments.

Project enhancers

We offer customers individual specialists to strengthen their own, internal project teams.

Power team

By integrating a team of 2-5 top developers in an ongoing project, we task this with more complex modules.

Complete solution development

We can undertake a complete project.

Our collaboration models are based on work or service contracts. We do not offer any personnel leasing solutions.