Process and industry expertise paired with a keen sense of effectiveness

The digital revolution is transforming business models, workflows and market mechanisms. In order to grasp opportunities, safeguard competitive advantages and avoid missing the boat, companies in all segments must restructure in response.

At lexoro, we believe in maintaining a balance between business strategy, operating model, data, technology and market environment. We take a holistic approach to our projects, whose orientation is towards strategy and corporate processes. Years ago it was already clear to us: corporate change needs to be accompanied by a change in work processes and people. Besides purely technological competence a real transformation process. Transparency in regard to opportunities is often lacking. This leads to uncertainty on all sides.

We have therefore created a comprehensive use-case database. A collection of best practices and incentives. Structured according to technology, process and sector. With clear valued added analyses, chains of effect and application scenarios.

More than 2000 creative ideas can be found here. A wonderful basis for honing strategies and operative models.

Strategic competence with DNA geared towards implementation

Experts in digital business models, our teams in the field of business consulting work closely with technology experts when realising a project. This allows us to create diverse modular solutions. We can therefore assist the realignment of an industrial process just as effectively as we can develop a completely new business model.

Our service modules at a glance:
  • Development of new, digital business models
    Accompanying the complete establishment of digital business models (end-to-end)
  • Digital innovation hub
    Think tank for brainstorming innovative solutions on a corporate and specific leveln
  • Market and competition analyses
    Global scrutiny of trends and market developments in certain sectors (tech, industry, markets), including identification of players, patent procedures and IP processes
  • Analysing the process landscape / value added chains and deriving digital potential
    Examination of company-specific business processes (modelling, role modelling, cost and interaction samples) and derivation of digital transformations
  • Devising customised use-case models and evaluating viability
    Identification and specification of use cases specific to companies and processes, including evaluation and feasibility analysis
  • Make & buy analyses
    Examination of make & buy options with reference to definite digital strategies or use-case implementation
  • KPI model development & ROI models
    Definition of KPI and ROI models for measuring the effect chains of transformation projects
  • Project advisory
    Accompanying management as long-term consultant and project manager
  • M&A scouting
    Identification of start-ups and technological targets for a takeover or participation