Smart APPs that hit the mark when it comes trendsetting processes

APP development with aplomb. At unbeatable costs and maximum tempo. That makes the lexoro difference. We act as thinkers along the business process and developers with a keen sense of tool efficiency, right effect and integration conceptualisation. An APP needs to functional intuitively, with a high number of users. In other words: you need to fall in love with the app right away.

That’s our goal. We put huge effort into an optimal concept. The optimum effect. Streamlined functionality in a nutshell. Only then does an APP develop its full potential. Technical implementation is secondary. The idea behind the APP is central. We conceive and devise the details with you locally. Prior to offering you a cost-efficient implementation in our local nearshore teams. Including integration in the existing backend systems. Always with a German project manager on site. Always with appropriate documentation and quality assurance. But with scalable development in the background. We guarantee customised delivery and functionality based on a fixed price. You’ll be impressed.

Impressive looking APPs with the power to speed up business

APPs are tools and aids that need to be effective long-term. That means it is essential to think of the second and third step too during development. We regard APP development as a game of chess. Always thinking several moves ahead and acting strategically.

Our service modules at a glance:

  • Analysis of existing processes
    We design the optimum app solution in line with your business processes. Where maximum benefit and automation result.
  • Formulating a mobile app concept
    Our digital experts design the app solution together with you, from the viewpoint of the following dimensions: Process automation, customer benefits, UI/UX intelligence, security and integration stability
  • Front-end / Back-end development
    We offer breath-taking development speed and cost advantages thanks to outsourced development of the app in our Tech Centre in Bulgaria
  • Performance management and stability
    Our in-house performance and testing laboratory examines and improves resilience, speed and stability.
  • AI models and data cleaning
    If necessary, we offer integrated AI training models and data cleaning support so as to improve the app’s accuracy and performance (computational pipeline)
  • APP integration
    Integration of apps in an existing system landscape (SAP, Salesforce, SharePoint)