Welcome to X-Skill. Our tool for visualizing expertise in the area of AI.

AI, machine learning, robotics, blockchain and data science are shaping everyday life more and more.
The technological developments pose a challenge to existing business models or provide scope for new approaches and performance options.
The kernel: the ability to apply and utilise these new technologies to create an active solution.

What skills are needed here? What depth of expertise is available? What skills can I contribute as an expert?
X-Skill can help here. Find out what skills you have and have these visualised in an effective way.
This will then help you to gain an overview, while giving you an opportunity to supplement your documents with a contemporary form of visualisation.
It takes abut 5 to 10 minutes to record the skills. Once this is complete, we will evaluate the data and send you the documents for free.
On request, we can then add you to our talent pool. This enables us to associate you with exciting use cases, projects and jobs at any time.

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