Hand in hand to reach the target faster: agile methods as catalysts for success

IT and software solutions need to be provided ever more quickly and in ever better quality. Time pressure is enormous, complexity is intensifying. The quality requirements for software, ever shorter release cycles – all in distributed team environments and with agile methods to hit the mark. To realise this with a consistent process – from a single source: a real Herculean task.

This can only be achieved if the culture, organisation and processes are turned on their head with new ways of thinking. The division between employees for software development and for operation needs to be done away with. There is a need for interdisciplinary teams who can respond quickly to new challenges. A core reality particularly in innovation projects. Central factors for success here: collaboration must occur along an agile process train – DevOps, continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Maximum agility with the lexoro DevOps model

The DevOps experts at lexoro live out this model each and every day. Maximum agility with maximum cooperation. With proven methods, tools and experience from diverse projects.

As part of our project model LEXPRO, we combine all components into a modern DevOps approach:

  • Business case / Use case detailing
  • Agile requirement management
  • Establishing a holistic culture of cooperation (empowerment, agile teams)
  • Use of tools for maximum automation (tests, workload automation, virtual machines)
  • Devising KPI models for measuring the success of Dev and Ops teams
  • Sprint models for diverse stable releases (ITIL, ARA tools)
  • DevSecOps
  • Quality management of code quality

The landscape and tools underpinning our expertise:

  • Provision and distribution of software containers (Docker)
  • Continuous integration (Jenkins)
  • Continuous testing
  • Configuration management (Ansible)
  • Infrastructure as code (Puppet)
  • Virtualisation (Vagrant)