Agile organisation with skilled precision

We bindle more than 20 years of experience from the fields of IT consulting, software development, product management, R&D, and business consulting. Always with laser-sharp focus on the process and sector. Implementation oriented and with quantifiable effect. More than 400 customers and over 1000 projects have successfully been accompanied. Experience that now pays off in new technology worlds and their interlinking with existing solutions too.

Our expertise at lexoro is anchored in a completely new organisational model. This addresses special bottleneck markets with scare resource availability and a high level of time pressure in implementation projects. We can deploy experts to strengthen existing projects or even take these on ourselves as an integral whole. Our technology libraries and product modules facilitate the pace of any development phase. The basic idea: Interval projects – with agile sprints for a well-conceived long-distance race.

High achievement through high performance

It is not size, but expertise that counts for us.  We therefore eschew hierarchies – and embrace freedom. A freedom of scope to develop and unfold. Freedom to participate share ideas. A free space where customers set the pace and advisors have scope for ideas, inspiration and innovation. The heart of lexoro beats creatively when both are in harmony.