About us

Our guiding mission: help to shape the A.I. market through human passion, open minds, positive attitude, international friendships and an unlimited drive for excellence.

lexoro wants to build a real destination for A.I. professionals – online and offline. A knowledge-hub, marketplace and turntable for A.I.

lexoro wants to be the driving force behind A.I. career developments, project-staffings, recruiting services and much more…….

In a nutshell: be the engine and electricity in shaping great A.I. projects, careers and companies…the pulse of A.I.
We want to connect all relevant players of the A.I. market (talents, researchers, science, thought leaders, corporates, start-ups, investors) to join forces and explore joint opportunities within the A.I. marketplace.

The name lexoro is made up of the words Lex and Oro. 
Lex (law, rules) derives from the words legere (to read; to choose) and ligare (to unite) – trying to define the new rules of an expanding market. 
Oro comes from orare (to talk, to speak) and orogeny (formation of mountain).